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What do you want to turbocharge with the secrets of the ADHD brain?

I want more time.I want more success.

What do you want to turbocharge?

I want more time.I want more success.


Peter Shankman is a busy guy — a media entrepreneur who runs several businesses, gives keynote speeches around the world, hosts a popular podcast, runs marathons and Iron Mans, is a licensed skydiver, dabbles in angel investing, and is loving father to his young daughter.

Simply put, he always seems to have more than 24 hours in a day.

How does he do it?

Peter attributes his unusually high energy level and extreme productivity to his ADHD.

In Faster Than Normal, Shankman shares his hard-won insights and daily hacks for making ADHD a secret weapon for living a full and deeply satisfying life.

Both inspiring and practical, the book presents life rules, best practices, and simple but powerful ways to:

  • Harness your creative energy to generate and execute your ideas
  • Direct your hyperfocus to get things done
  • Identify your pitfalls–and avoid them
  • Streamline your daily routine to eliminate distractions
  • Use apps and other tech innovations to free up your time and energy

Filled with ingenious hacks and supportive self-care advice, this is the positive, practical book the ADHD community has long needed – and is also an invaluable handbook for anyone who’s sick of feeling overwhelmed and wants to drive their faster-than-normal brain at maximum speed…without crashing.



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One Book: “Ooh! Shiny!” Perk – Purchase one book, get a free pdf with a case study of exactly how I used my ADHD to write a 70,000 word bestselling book in 38 hours.

Three books: “What? I tuned out” Perk. Purchase three books, and get a case study sent right back to you on how I keep myself organized in my home – from my bedroom my kitchen, this is a map of how I know where everything is and stay 100% focused on what I need to do, all the time. Plus, get the perk above, as well!

Five books: “Alexa, give me my perks!” Perk – Purchase five books, and get a diagram of how I’ve wired my entire apartment, from lights to alarms, from motion sensors to door locks, from shades to the TVs, to allow me to be the most productive and use my ADHD to my advantage. Plus, get all the perks above, as well!

Ten books: “Hey! What was that!” Perk – Purchase ten books, and get a personalized one minute recorded video answering any question about ADHD that I can answer. (Remember though, I’m not a doctor.) Plus, all of the above perks!

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5,000 Books and above: “Dopamine!!” Perk – Purchase 5000 or more books, and I’ll spend the day with you at your company or your home, helping to bring you into the Faster Than Normal lifestyle. We can redesign your workspace, your bedroom, you name it. Plus, we’ll do a dinner that night for you and 10 of your friends, talking about anything you like. Plus, perks one, two and three!

I just found Faster Than Normal, and I love it. I am sure have heard this many times, but it is like you are describing my brain almost exactly. I won’t bore you with my story, I just wanted to thank you for sharing your insights, tools, etc.

— Jona Sanford

WOW. I have never in my life has my particular brand of what I call ‘crazy’ described so perfectly!

— Mark Parolovos

I just wanted to truly and sincerely say thank you for letting me and others know that it truly is a gift and not a curse. I’m still learning how to drive this Ferrari brain, and I’m excited for when I finally do.

— Tim Hughes



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